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Community Development Projects (CDP) is a regional non-governmental organization (Gomel, Belarus) was registered in August 2001.

Our mission is promotion of the development of civil society through social, medical-prophylactic, and educational work with vulnerable layers of the population in our society.

Our objectives: support of community development initiatives promotion of healthy lifestyle development of volunteer programs and initiatives for all ages assistance in keeping and improving children’s health/adolescent reproductive health promotion of educational techniques for early child development non-formal adult education Strategy is based on the values that we are devoted to.

To specify them: We are for dissemination of democratic principles of life; We are open for fruitful collaboration; We are ready for changes in line with the societal development; We value people; We are honest and responsible; We are professionals and try to update our professional level while appreciating the values of creative and innovative approach; We care about our future and that of our children; We focus on the adaptation of people (children, women, disabled people, elderly people, etc) to the challenges of the modern life.

Other values: teamwork, mutual respect, equal opportunities, tolerance. Methodology We implement our project goals using the following methodology Educational seminars and trainings Organization of conferences and other public events Publication of informational and methodological materials Assistance to local public associations in organizational development Work with mass media and usage of Internet technologies. Transfer of knowledge and information.

Contacts Director – Kekukh Nina Address: Room 511, 24A Jarkovskay, Gomel, Belarus, 246050  Tel (fax): 375-232-30-16-48, e-mail:Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. www.volunteergomel.org

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